The Liars Club

I reject your hateful chicken and substitute this one from Wegmans

The Liars Club is a social gathering of writers and storytellers who risk telling stories that may defy social norms. We encourage dark comedy. It's founder, Alan Webb, finds that the stuff he is afraid to write is the stuff that gets the most page views. Mr. Webb is looking for fellow odd folk who delight in telling lies and damned lies for fun.

Flaming Pants Night This is a chance to tell tall tales, the taller the better. Shaggy dog stories like a bra theif who steals from the laundramat. A girl finds a Cadillac Escalade with suitcases of clothes, cash and body parts. A gaming computer that is disconnected from power and networking and yet comes on to display tweets which demonstrate an unnerving knowledge of what she does in the witching hours.
Shaggy Dog Sunday meets at the Urban Farmhouse in Scott's Addition every Sunday from 2:30pm to 4:30pm. Bring printed copies of any work you want to share. Please keep the length to roughly 10 minutes when read. As usual, the Urban Farmhouse will appreciate it if you can buy a coffee or other small snack to eat during the event. Tho, if you are still waiting for the advance check to arrive and the landlord has sent the sherrif to serve papers so $3.00 is a problem, show up. We'll figure out something. We will offer everyone a chance to read their work of short fiction and get feedback.

Last, my hobby I wish was my day job is World of Webb. The blog is a mix of fiction and commentary on religion, philosophy, and current events. The topic for the forseeable future is a serialized novel featuring Inger, who started her story on the blog by accusing a coworker of rape. Please click over to it and mayhaps subscribe through WordPress.

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